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Want to learn how to sail?  Do you want to improve your sailing skills and your understanding of how sails work? You've come to the right place to try this new kind of vacation and get started!

A Sail & Learn Vacation is similar to a cabin charter in that you will have a berth on a yacht, however, you will have an instructor as skipper and you will undertake a formal sailing course during the sailing holiday and hopefully complete your week coming out with the sailing qualification (Greek License of Sailing, issued by the official Nautical Club)

We will sail to prearranged destinations each day while you will experience day and night skippering in all weather conditions.

This Sailing Course covers the practical and theoretical basics of sailing and sailing seamanship. The range of topics is broad: from a description of different sailboat rigs, sail plans, hull types, and rigging to stability, balance, and the physics of sailing; from sailing at different points of sail to handling heavy weather and storm conditions; from spinnaker handling to reefing; from leaving the dock to mooring and anchoring. It also covers sailing safety, navigation rules, and sailing tactics. Whether you are a new sailor or you are an experienced sailor and want to increase your sailing knowledge and skills, this course is for you.

How it is organized

1st Day
Welcome on board
2 hours theory about yachts structure and facilities.
Life on board and all safety equipment.
3-4 hours sailing to our first destination island.

2nd Day
2 hours theory
4-6 hours sailing to next destination island.

3rd  Day
2 hours theory
4-6 hours sailing to next destination

4th Day
3 hours theory
4-5 hours sailing to next destination

5th Day
3 hours theory
4-5 hours sailing to next destination

6th  Day
3 hours theory
4-5 hours sailing to final destination

Last  Day
Written exams
Relaxing with an Athens special tour

Every day there is a 5 hours free time to enjoy swimming and other water activities in the islands.

Detailed course topics

Types of sailing yachts Navigation II
Types of keel-deck-sails Practice on traditional maps
Sailing courses Lighthouses
Sailing terminology International Regulations to avoid Collisions at sea
Stability Lights
Winds/aerodynamics Right of way
Ancoring-mooring Meteorology
Types of ancors Emergency situations
Navigation 1st AID
True/magnetic north Departing/arriving procedures
Variation - deviation - compass error Check in/out

From 4th of June till 10th of September every Saturday

Our Yachts:

  • «GITANA»  Feeling 39,  3 cabins, can accommodate up to 6 pax plus 1 skipper/instructor
  • «ECHO» Sun Odyssey 43,  4 cabins, can accommodate up to 8 pax plus 1 skipper/instructor

Our Instructors:
Our instructors have been trained by the Greek Sailing Association. Skilled professionals, with a remarkable experience in teaching, they can ensure your safety and comfort.

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